Claiming of Prize

How will I know if I've won?

Big Ticket will contact you through the contact information you provide on your ticket to inform you if you have won. Additionally, we announce the winners on the website for both cash and car draws.

If I win a car, can I exchange it for cash?

Big Ticket will not buy back the car back from any winner for cash. However, in most cases, the car dealership is willing to buy back the vehicle from the winner. The winners may also sell their cars by themselves to a private buyer.

if I'm a winner, how can I claim my prize?

Any customer who wins one of the monthly cash prizes will be invited to the Big Ticket office in Abu Dhabi to claim their cheque. The winner must bring the same photo ID used to purchase the ticket.

Do I have to provide my photo if I am a winner?

If you are a winner, you must bring the same identification with photo that you used to purchase the ticket as proof of identity.

Will I get the full amount of the Showroom price for any car that I win?

Big Ticket does not guarantee what price a dealership or private sale of any car will fetch.

If I am out of the country, how can I claim my car?

Big Ticket does not arrange for the shipment of cars to any foreign countries. If the winner outside of UAE wishes to bring the car to their home country, they will have to arrange the export and bear the full cost for it.

If I win a cash prize and am not coming to the UAE, how can I claim my winnings?

Any customer who wins one of the monthly cash prizes will be invited to the DFS offices in Abu Dhabi to claim their winnings cheque. For those winners who reside outside of the UAE, a bank transfer can be made, provided that the following information is sent to the Big Ticket offices for verification. This information includes, but not limited to the following: a) Passport copy duly attested by the UAE embassy in the respective country b) Letter addressed to DFS by the prize winner to transfer the proceeds to the respective Bank Account c) Bank address, A/c No & Swift Code and letter from this bank stating the presence of this Account d) Original ticket if purchased in-store, e-ticket print out if purchased online e) Customer’s contact details However, Big Ticket does not guarantee the transfer of money to other countries due to some countries' strict Fund Transfer Regulations.