Draw Dates Schedule

When is the Draw Date for Big Ticket?

The next draw date is on ___________. You may refer to www.bigticket.ae for the full list of schedule dates.

When is the Draw Date for Dream Car?

Currently, we have (no.) tickets left. As soon as they are completed, we will be announcing the official draw date once we are closer to the actual date of completing the tickets.

How will I know when the draw is going to take place?

Please refer to our website www.bigticket.ae for our cash draw schedule. Our car draw schedule are announced when we complete the sales of tickets of the car promotion.

How often does the Big Ticket Millionaire draw take place?

The cash draw to win __________ plus ___ other cash prizes takes place EVERY MONTH, in the first week of the following month. The draw is conducted monthly, no matter how many tickets are sold. Tickets cost AED 500, and we offer customers a third ticket free with the purchase of two tickets.

How often do the Dream Car prize draws take place?

The Dream Car draws operate on a quota of tickets being sold before we can pull the winning ticket from the drum. At present the quota for each Dream Car draw is _____ tickets and you can buy them at ____dhs each.