Raffle Draw Procedures

I purchased a manual ticket for the Big Ticket Millionaire draw, is this still valid?

Manual tickets are sold to customers whenever there are no facilities available to print a computerized ticket. Manual tickets are entered into the draw in the same way as computerized tickets.

How are the draws conducted?

The cash draw is conducted manually every month in Arrivals Hall of Abu Dhabi International Airport supervised by Big Ticket and assigned Airport officials. Draw dates are publicly announced on our website and social media channels.

How much is a ticket?

The Big Ticket is AED 500, currently we are running a promo wherein you can get 1 free ticket if you purchased 2 tickets in one transaction. For Dream Car Raffle, the price varies, we have AED 50, AED 100 and AED 150.

Can I use child's pet name on the ticket?

No. You must use the exact name written on the form of identification that you are going to present.

What will happen if I lost the ticket and I won?

If it is bought from the web, we can provide a copy but if it is a manual ticket, it is subject to extensive verification to prove that you are the actual ticket holder.

I gave a wrong ID number, what should I do?

If you notice the discrepancy prior to the draw, you can call our customer service number to change the ID number.

I am a foreign national and I live in the US, can I participate in the draw?

If you are a foreign national living in the US, you can only purchase from the counter not on the web.

I am an American but I am not living in the US, can I participate in the draw?

If you are an American but not residing in the US, you can only purchase from the counter not on the web.

How many tickets are there in Big Ticket cash draw?

There is no limit to the no. of tickets for the Big Ticket Cash Draw.

How can I know if my tickets were already put in the draw box?

We have a set schedule for securely bringing the web tickets to the raffle drum every week. To track your ticket, you may call our customer service hot line at 02-5052509.

Why don’t you make a video of the draw to show to the public?

We thank you for your suggestion, we will keep it in mind and hopefully be able to include it in our future marketing endeavours. Just stay tuned with Big Ticket and continue growing with us. In the meantime, you can go to the live draw usually held every first week of the month.

I bought the ticket online, when can I receive my ticket?

Once you purchase the ticket online, a confirmation email will be immediately sent to you. Your e-ticket will follow and the processing time for e-tickets will be 24-48 hours. If in case after 48 hours, you still have not received your ticket, please call our Customer Service at 02-5052509.

What is a Weekend Bonanza / Countdown Bonanza?

A bonanza is usually done going to the weekend starting on a Thursday and ends on a Saturday. If you buy your 2 + 1 tickets during a bonanza, you are automatically qualified for a mini draw to be done on the Sunday right after the weekend Bonanza. 10 names will be picked from the weekend buyers and each one wins 3 FREE TICKETS more valid for the same Big Ticket Draw. The same applies to the Countdown Bonanza except that it happens on the last 5 days of the month. Not all promos / months have a Bonanza.

What is a #BigTicketSelfie / #BigTicketLove?

#BigTicketSelfie / #BigTicketLove are our social media games. Follow us on social media and participate in games each month for a chance to win 1 FREE ticket valid for the current month's draw. #BigTicketSelfie is when you take a sefie picture / video in a live draw and post it on social media with the hashtag #BigTicketSelfie and tagging Big Ticket to qualify for the draw. #BigTicketLove game mechanics and requirements change every month so you have to watch out for announcements in our social media channels.

Tickets purchased on the first til the fifth of every month.

Due to the volume of online purchases of the Big Ticket towards the end of the previous month alongside the system update of this month’s draw, online purchases of the Big Ticket Series 166 during the first week of this month will be sent on the 6th of this month. Should you still have non-received ticket after 6th, please call our customer service no. 02-5052509.